Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cape Cod Folks

"Lo, on a narrer neck o' land, 'Twixt two unbounded seas, I stand!"

"Aunt Sibylla was not sporting, now, in the airy realms of metaphor. Aunt Sibylla stood upon Cape Cod, and her voice rang out with that peculiar sweep and power which the presence of a dread reality alone can give. Something of the precariousness of her situation, too, was expressed in the wild, alarming, though graceful, gesture of her arms. "

Cape Cod Folks ebook by Sarah Pratt McLean Greene(1856-1935), c. 1881

The genealogy of Cape Cod folks is a fascinating subject to me. My ancestors arrived on Cape Cod about 1639. That is 370 years of history now packed into one small county, Barnstable county, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Some of the folks never left the Cape. I just read that we can have up to 100 authors for a blog. While I usually work on Sears Family Association blog at

I thought it would fun to have a collaborative blog. Anyone want to join me? Just email