Saturday, May 5, 2012

We just wrapped the Spring edition of The Journal of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society.  What a great new publication if I do say so myself.  See the CCGS blog link at the top right of this blog.  Also I just discovered cousin Chris Chirokas's blog and made a link to that  "Massachusetts and More."

I have really wanted to get into this blogging thing but wonder if I have enough to blog about.  My sister Pamela Sears Cooper and I are working on a project to prove that everyone living in the town of Dennis, Cape Cod in 1880 (based on the census of that year) is related to everyone else.

Check out the current status of the piece at    There is a spreadsheet there that shows everyone living in 1880 and who their ancestors were.  As we flesh out the ancestors we find how many are cousins.  But Olive A Shiverick  (of the famed Shiverick Shipyard family) has relationships with 156 other people in town.   1,186 cousin relationships and growing as we figure out everyone's ancestors.

There is a neat paper on the subject from Florida Atlantic University professor Fred Richman on consanguinity - the cousin factor.  I have written about the subject here before.    Check out his article and help me understand it- i need to calculate   beta!